Urban Terror 4.1 Maps

Urban Terror is a FPS style game that is maintained by Frozen Sand LLC. I have developed several maps for Urban Terror 4.1 using GtkRadiant, a map editor created and maintained by ID Software. More information about the game can be found at http://www.urbanterror.net.

It has been my intention throughout the course of developing these maps to explore unique forms of game play that are not typically seen in FPS style games. It is my hope to encourage the expansion of the FPS genre through this form of experimentation.


Nadeball is a special game-type for Urban Terror. The server runs in the normal TDM mode, but each time a player shoots a grenade into the "Nade Hole" they are awarded 20 extra points. This is the first such map to ever exist.



IcyNades is another nadeball style map. The theme is a sort of ice castle.



UrbanNades is another nadeball style map. Players use bounce-pads to navigate the roof tops of skyscrappers.


NadeBall II

A sequel to the original.



Freighter is a map that I designed in the fall of 2008. The setting is a life sized industrial freighter.


Target Demo

This is a concept map that I developed in January of 2009. It is a shooting range with moving platforms. Players gain points by shooting the targets.


Racing Demo

Another concept I was experimenting with during the Summer of 2008. This is a demonstration of a racing style map. Players receive points each time they cross the finish line.